The Spa
The Spa of Locanda Nemorosa.
The Spa
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The Spa

If stress is such and so much that not even the silence and peace of the “secluded hills” that surround us is enough to completely unwind, our small SPA can do the rest.


For the exclusive use of our guests, it is open in the cold season only (from October to May): a relaxing corner where you can listen to your body and interpret its messages, a haven of peace where you can find your balance and harmony, pleasing to both body and mind.


Our SPA is equipped with a two-seater maxi bath for individual or couple baths with essential oils and Himalayan salt, a stone shower with hydromassage, atomized water jets and cervical waterfall, 2 chaise longue, body products and chromotherapy lamp.


What we propose, is a one hour entrance to the SPA, individual or in couple, a wellness path divided into three steps of about 20 minutes each: a purifying bath with essential oils and Himalayan pink salt, a revitalizing shower in which to enjoy the sensory experience that the motion of the water on the body is and a final relaxing moment to nourish your body with specific products and clear your mind on comfortable chaise longue while listening to the music and benefiting of the influence of the colour chosen for the room.


Do you still need pampering? enjoy the pleasure of a massage.

Spa prices


  • 30/ 60 min.


  • 40/ 60 min.

Please note:

1. Spa is open from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. (last entrance at 6:00 pm);

2. if you book a room for one night only, you should check-in between 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm if you want to use the Spa;

3. only one or two people at a time, 18 years old and older, are allowed to enter the Spa.

Massage prices


  • 75/ 75 min.
    • > decontracting massage
    • > lymphatic drainage


  • 65/ 60 min.
    • > back and neck
    • > anti-stress
    • > tonifying massage


  • 40/ 30 min.
    • face – arms – shoulders


  • 70/ 60 min.
    • Sat Guru Charan method

Please note: upon request and with due notice you can also enjoy the pleasure of a massage. Massages must be booked in advance and are subject to the availability of the masseuse.