Who we are
Who we are at Locanda Nemorosa: Raffaella, Andrea and our furry friends!
Who we are
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Who we are

We’re going to welcome you, our names are Andrea and Raffaella. We come from the opposite extremes ¬†of Italy (province of Milan and Puglia, south of Italy) and we have a deep love for travelling in common.


In 2010 we moved from Milan, where we both used to live, to le Marche in order to realise our dream of running away from the city and open a countryside inn. For this reason we bought a big farmhouse that had been abandoned for many years and we completely restored it with our own hands trying to make it a cosy and relaxing place.


Raffaella: my passion for languages and travelling was born with me, I started working in tourism very young, I traveled for years all over the world working for the biggest tour operators, I lived abroad for a few years and also now that I live in Italy I continue to work in the tourism sector, as well as here in our inn, accompanying groups of Italians abroad and welcoming groups of foreigners to Italy. Opening an inn was a dream of mine and meeting Andrea made it possible.


Andrea: after graduating in psychology and working in the social field in child rehabilitation communities, I was looking for a new challenge. City life has never been for me, I have always been a sportsman and I have a lot of manual skills, thanks to my father who was a craftsman and began to pass on his skills to me as a boy. In this project I found fulfillment and my ideal dimension among these hills.


We live a part of the ground floor with private access and garden. The privacy of our guests is our priority and for this reason we organized house and garden so that there are no shared spaces. At the same time, when requested, we’ll be happy to help with suggestions or advices.